Contest & Sweepstake Guidelines

Conditions of participation

The following conditions apply to participation in contests or sweepstakes (together “contests”) of Altigi GmbH under the trademark of Goodgame Studios (Goodgame Studios is a trademark of Altigi GmbH, Theodorstraße 42-90, Haus 9, 22761 Hamburg).

Acceptance of the conditions of participation

By participating in the contest organized by Goodgame Studios, the participant agrees to these contest conditions.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions regulate the use of the online games, mobile games and other service offers provided by Altigi GmbH / Goodgame Studios on the Goodgame Studios websites and in the app stores, and they also apply together with contests. You can read more about that on

Eligible persons

Any natural person of legal age at the time of participation and with a registered game account are eligible to participate. All employees and consultants of Goodgame Studios and companies associated with Goodgame Studios are excluded from participation. This also applies to the employees’ relatives.


Goodgame Studios reserves the right to extend the contest and promotion period, providing timely information on Goodgame Studios’ communication channels. Participation in the contest requires prior registration in the respective game.

Exclusion of participation

Goodgame Studios reserves the right to exclude persons from participating in the contest, in particular in the following cases: manipulation of the participation process, disturbance of the event flow or the game itself, harassment or threatening of coworkers or other participants, (attempt of) propagation of legal or immoral thought. If the conditions for a participation exclusion are present, Goodgame Studios will not pay or distribute any prizes in this case; if already granted, Goodgame Studios is entitled to reclaim it.

Statement of agreement

Participants agree to the collection, processing and use of your personal data by Goodgame Studios for the purposes of the contests. The winners can be announced by submitting their in-game nickname on the action page on the platforms of Goodgame Studios. In the event that one or more photos are sent by the participants to Goodgame Studios during the contest, the entrant authorizes Goodgame Studios to use the photo as part of or as a result of the contest, also for distribution and / or publication on other media for coverage on this contest. In this respect, the participant transfers the usage and exploitation rights associated with the photo to Goodgame Studios without any restrictions. A fee claim is hereby justified neither by the participant nor by the persons to be recognized in the photo.

Prize payouts

Goodgame Studios will only pay out prizes to individuals who meet the preconditions of the Terms and Conditions or reclaim them, if after the payout or delivery, the terms of the payout are found to be non-existent. Goodgame Studios does not pay out prizes to minors. For cash prizes, the payment of a prize can only be made by showing a credit to a giro account, if the winner is the holder of this giro account at an international credit institution. The credit will be given within 30 days after the end of the competition. With material prizes a cash payment of the profit value or an exchange of the prize is not possible. Non-cash prizes will be delivered to the winner within 30 days of the end of the contest, unless otherwise specified. Goodgame Studios will not replace any incidental or consequential extra charges or consequential charges associated with the prize or its payout and distribution.

Discontinuation of the contest

Goodgame Studios reserves the right to cancel or terminate the contest at any time – especially in the case of force majeure and / or if the contest can not be held or continued for organizational, technical or legal reasons. If the contest is aborted or terminated for these reasons, the participants have no claims against Goodgame Studios.


Goodgame Studios always strives to operate the game operation in technically flawless quality and to make accurate statements on the contest. However, Goodgame Studios can not be held liable for any misstatements (such as erroneous statements about the prize) or technical errors associated with the prize decision-making.

Data privacy

The personal data of the participants collected during the contest are subject to the privacy policy. Their use is solely for purposes of the contest.
The data will be completely deleted after the competition has been carried out in compliance with the legal retention periods. Goodgame Studios takes the handling of such data very seriously, see our Privacy Policy