Halloween Sales!!!

Oh lord, the dead are rising (again)! But look, they are not coming empty-handed. They are decorated with unholy offers and spooky sales lower than the ground the dead were buried in!

And beware, this won’t last for long, R.I.P 26.10.2018 – 31.10.2018

Spooktober Update Livestream

Update, 25.10.2018, 18:35 CEST

Hey guys,

as you might have noticed, we had to cancel today’s planned live stream due to technical issues.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

This week we have released our spookactular new Update on all our platforms and we would like to invite you all to our related livestream this Thursday, 25.10.2018, 18:00 CEST.

You can find us on Twitch by clicking  ⇛ HERE ⇚. The stream will be in English.

We will give you a short overview of our brand-new Reaper’s Wrath event and talk a bit about the rest of the update.

PS: No ghosts allowed!

Spooktober Update Notes


Ok, calm down! Everyone calm, down, it’s just us! Now that we have scared you like a pro, we want to introduce you our latest implementation to the game, coming with our October Update on the 24th of…October.

New Events and many improvements to our Decoration Forge are going to haunt you down.

You can find the Update Notes by clicking on the respective game down below:

Goodgame Empire
Empire: Four Kingdoms