Summer Sales Week!


It’s gonna be a hot weekend and beyond! From Tomorrow 10 am CEST until July 30th 9:30 am CEST you can get some very delicious discounts on equipment sets, build and appearance items, materials, resources, etc.

Time to get your army into shape with fresh supplies and make your enemies bow to their king!

For more “direct” info on those sales and the special prime times, head over and follow us on our Empire or Empire: Four Kingdoms Twitter channel, you’ll be surprised! 🙂

Kingdoms Cup – Stage 8 + Grand Finals Final Rankings (16.07.2018)

Brave Warriors,

the Kingdoms Cup has officially ended today and as you all knew, there can only be one winner!
We proudly present you our overall world champion: The Empire Alliance Royal 30 and it’s members! Congratulations guys! 

But also congratulations to our overall second place: The Empire: Four Kingdoms Alliance Lord of War! You did very well, for it was a close call! 

So our Kingdoms Cup has come to an end, but please continue reading for the full ranking list of all servers and the Playoffs:

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