Spooktober Update Notes


Ok, calm down! Everyone calm, down, it’s just us! Now that we have scared you like a pro, we want to introduce you our latest implementation to the game, coming with our October Update on the 24th of…October.

New Events and many improvements to our Decoration Forge are going to haunt you down.

You can find the Update Notes by clicking on the respective game down below:

Goodgame Empire
Empire: Four Kingdoms

The Emblem of the Outer Realms

Hey Warriors,

Do you like to brag in the Empire? Then it would be the perfect time to raise your sword in the Outer Realms! The Top 50 players will gain a special Emblem (look item) which makes their castles look really…errr outer- realmish!

More info on all the rewards can be found >>>HERE<<<